A Christmas Verse

The best of the season and a Happy New Year, everyone. My holiday wish for you, is that each minute of every day in 2020 is outstanding. 

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on how to make the most of my time. Must be my age. It seemed a perfect moment when I snapped this photo. It’s at Coal Harbour, a favourite place in Vancouver to wander. Loveliness can pop out from the shadows at unexpected times—even at 4 o’clock on a December day as the sun spirals downward. 

So, this year’s rhyme is a meditation on how we use our moments. I hope you enjoy it. 

And, have a spectacular Christmas!

Photo by Laurel Mae Hislop

Christmas is coming. It happened so quick.

You’ll never be ready on time.

The season’s upon us—advancing Saint Nick.

It’s too late to order online.

The stores will be packed, the merchandise trash.

Your tummy breaks out in a horrible rash.


The big day arrives, and you’re in a fluster.

Are your gifts stingy and mean?

The shindig is giddy as everyone musters

To eat and to cook and to clean.

And then you think back to winters of old,

The snow, the sparkle, yarns spun and retold.


And when it’s all over, it’s time to reflect.

Instead of the worry and tizzy and fret,

You should have took time to interconnect,

To soothe your soul and free your mind-set:

I have a family and loved ones galore.

I have these moments and do not need more.

I’ll cease to exist in the future ahead.


But when all is done and all has been said,

Yesterday’s moments have gone down the drain,

But friendship and human connection remain.

Tomorrow’s uncertain and not worth the woe.

Relax and let loose,

For this moment’s wholly aglow.


Laurel Mae Hislop 

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