Retro Wallpaper for my iPad

Bird Cave

Portrait of a tree at Lost Lagoon

Snow on Palm Trees

Tears of Laughter


Study in 'Art Deco' style​



Study in 'Art Deco' style -​ Chica

Stanley Park Seawall

For reference (above and below) I used a photo taken on one of my daily bike rides around the park.

Lighthouse at Brockton Point


First attempt at self portrait. I was kind to myself.

I fixed the ageing lines and brightened up my hair colour. 

Why not?

These two are early attempts, but I kind of like them. 

These two are digital collages I did for fun. They both represent trees in my neighbourhood.

I love trees.

“The tree, which moves some to tears of joy is, in the eyes of others, only a green thing that stands in the way.”

William Blake

Older ladies make more interesting subjects than young girls