Nutcracker 2020

Artwork by Laurel Mae

This Nutcracker has reason to weep. Historically, his job has been to protect your household from harm. Do not let his long grey hair and fierce expression fool you. He’s a lucky charm, as potent as any kitchen witch. But now, circumstances beyond his control make it impossible for him to do his duty.  

In 2018, my hubby and I attended The Nutcracker, performed in Vancouver by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. We watched our granddaughter, Ryley, dance on stage right here in our city—a proud occasion. Oh, how life has changed in such a short time! 

This year humanity has hit a wall of unprecedented economic crisis. The third world lies in ruins. The notion of small business may soon become a topic of historic interest. Laid waste are writers, dancers, actors, artists, musicians, scientists, and philosophers—the fibre of our culture suffering catastrophic loss. Meanwhile, huge corporations like Amazon log record profits, and a handful of multi-billionaires recently quadrupled their wealth by investing in pharmaceutical companies. This worries me.

Yet this morning, as I lay snug and warm in bed listening to rain pummel the windowpane, gratitude for a universe of simple pleasures overwhelmed me… Stanley Park in all its majesty, the holly tree outside our window, a whiff of freshly baked bread, a goose-down comforter, the twinkle of Christmas lights, bare feet on a plush rug, that first seasonal sip of eggnog, and the motherly sigh of the Pacific ocean as waves lap the shore at English Bay. I’m reminded that we only have one earth, one instant to enjoy it, and we must try to savour every moment.

I’m sure that seeing the backside of 2020 will overjoy everyone, and we pray that next year brings relief to the multitudes around the globe who face crisis. Still, I am confident that we’ll soon see better days, and I count on a brighter, shinier 2021.

Best wishes to all for a happy Christmas season and a New Year filled with light. 

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