Social Media Addiction

1st attempt 400

Chopin’s romantic songs play from the speaker and the dishwasher is swooshing in the kitchen, an apt metaphor for my life, this combination of technology, work and art.

Bloggers tend to fixate on the ills of social media. It’s the latest buzz. Twitter is deemed the new cocaine. I don’t understand. Opting out of Facebook was not a problem for me. That platform is a colossal waste of time, as futile as scouring every rack at Winners to find one sole gem of a dress.

And Twitter causes epic miscommunication—not enough people are skilled with concise, precise writing skills. Donald Trump is a prime example. He tweets out each shred of twaddle that pops into his vacuous head.

But technology is magic. I can paint on an iPad with an Apple Pencil—no mess to deal with.  A word processor makes editing a breeze. The dishes sparkle clean at the end of the wash cycle, and Chopin is always only a click away.

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