Art Deco and More

I’m busy doing final edits on my book, ‘Deep Song.’ Revision work can be tedious, so to get my creative fix, I turn daily to digital artwork—spending many pleasant hours puddling in Procreate. I think my skills are improving.

I’ve decided to showcase some pieces from the art tutorials I’m taking, and have added another room to my website’s Art Gallery. If you’d like to take a look, visit my site via the following UR:. 

Once there, click on the ‘Landscape Studies Room.

The artwork displayed below is an attempt to create an ‘Art Deco’ style design. I didn’t do this piece in class. It’s an individual effort where I’ve tried to capture the flavour of the ‘Art Deco’ mode, and at the same time, give the piece a modern spin. 

I meant to get this blog out sooner, but I couldn’t quit messing with the painting. The same thing always happens with my writing. Eventually though, you just have to decide it’s done, and that’s that. So, I hope you enjoy.

‘Art Deco’ reached its heyday in the roaring 20s, my favourite period in history. It took off with a Paris exhibition in 1925 that attracted 16 million people and transformed Paris into an arts mecca. The ‘Art Deco’ style became a tour de force, not only in the visual arts, but in architecture, literature, films, department stores, and magazines—everything with a decorative flare. Think of the recent Hollywood movie, ‘The Great Gatsby’ with all its glamour and gloss. ‘Art Deco’ infiltrated cultures throughout the world, and we still enjoy its aesthetics today.

This is an art form that smacks of hope and optimism, desperately needed now, during these challenging times.

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