I love to keep a daily journal, but because I’m working on the final draft of a novel right now, I sadly cannot conjure up enough spare words in a day. In the past, I’ve dropped the practice when writing a book.

Lately, if I come across an inspiring quote or line of poetry, I jot it down in my diary, and instead of sentences, I doodle. Thought you might like to see a couple of entries — these fired by quotes of ancient philosophers. 

It seems the sages of over 2000 years ago worried about the same issues that plague us today. Do you find that comforting or disturbing? I’m not sure myself. 

The title of my current novel is “Fresh as Dew Renewal Retreat.” It explores the lengths a person will go to, and how much of their soul they’ll used up in struggling to combat the inevitable outcomes of mortality and ageing. More on this later. 

FYI, I’ve learned not to predict a book’s end date. I always disappoint.  

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